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All right ladies and gents, put down your Glossier, log off Snapchat, and listen up. I've got something big to tell you. 

 I am OVER skimming boring blogs and not relating. Done with looking at TikToks of girls who look nothing like me and beating myself up because of it. Gone are the days of watching influencers apologize because they admit they haven't been their “authentic self” leaving us to question what parts of their lives were really real. So now, I’m taking over. Welcome to Manhattan Mrs. an authentic guide through young life in New York City. I’m Mac, a recent college graduate working in fashion on the Upper East Side, constantly on the move, and here to answer every question you're too afraid to ask.

Think of me as your big sister.

 Making a bunch of crazy mistakes so you don't have to. I founded this blog years ago knowing I would soon be moving to New York for college. I wanted to have a place where I could build my fashion expertise while inspiring other fashion moguls in the making. I started by visiting different college campuses around my state, interviewing students, and posting pictures of their outfit inspirations,

But it wasn't enough for me.

I moved to NYC and quickly realized fashion wasn't all I could conquer. Every day in this city is a battle from the moment you pick out an outfit, down to the instant you fall into bed and kick off those Steve Madden's, and I'm here to guide you through it all. So sit back, enjoy this wild ride, and welcome to Manhattan Mrs.



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a moment of vulnerability

I would like to take a moment to welcome you to my blog. By making that small click on google or following a link on social media, you have truly made me a happier gal. If you see this post you have already read my about me page, or maybe you just breezed right past it, and that's fine! But if you have five minutes in your day, spend them by reading this.

As a woman, it can feel nearly impossible to find a safe space, so sometimes you need to make one yourself. 

That's what I have done with Manhattan Mrs. This is a place for you to breathe. My dream is that one day women all over the world will meet up with their friends to eat, cry, laugh, and read my latest posts together.

I want you to make new friends, exit that toxic relationship, see people of your sexual identity represented in the industry, and if nothing else become a more understanding person.

I truly believe the more understanding women we have in the world, the better it will become. That being said, in today's world, it is really tough to appreciate yourself. With all the rules twitter spits out every day about what makes you a good friend, if you're a bad feminist, or even about your own relationship, you almost always feel like you're doing something wrong, but that isn't true. Every person grows at a different pace, and with this black hole of the internet always comparing all of us (not to mention men dear god) that can be hard to remember.

 So with everything that's going on, I will be here.

Keeping you updated on women in politics, telling you the story of how I ended up on a Yacht in Long Island 3 hours before work the next morning, or even just giving you a list of some bomb ass sex toys you gotta try. I will be here for you. So I am asking you to be here for me. All I ask is that you keep visiting my page, and if you happen to vibe with a post, give it a share on insta. This could be something amazing, so what are you waiting for? Get to reading!


Forever in your corner,




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