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10 websites to fake fashion week from home

Updated: May 7, 2020

Picture this: You've just spent the past 3 hours online shopping with seemingly hundreds of tabs open, stocked with multiple versions of the same things. After flipping back and forth through all your tabs looking at reviews, and inspecting the pictures you finally decide on the item to buy. You click that savory checkout button and BOOM. Six dollar shipping.

"Fuck it I don't need it anyway."

I’ll be the first to admit how much of a pain online shopping can be. Everyone knows fashion isn't cheap, and with trends coming and going every week, it can take a huge toll on your finances, but don't stress! Below I have listed my top 10 websites to simplify shopping from home, for an absolute fraction of the price.

10. Thredup- Thredup is an online used clothing retailer that has a special selection of high-quality products, some that are gently used, and some you can find with the tags still attached. They also have a wide variety of casual brands if you aren't scared to mix Gucci with your Gap. 9. The Real Real- This is one of the best places to find authentic designer clothing and accessories for up to 90% off. With brands including Yeezy, Saint Laurent, Prada, Gucci, and more, it's nearly impossible to leave the site without something in your cart. (Bonus points for the 25 dollar credit you get when you sign up with your email!) 8. Etsy- Support small businesses! Even though this list is nearly entirely focused on big businesses, I had to include this website because let's be real- who wouldn't want a handmade vintage necklace, as opposed to one everyone else has? Esty is one of the largest online retailers for pre-loved and personalized clothing, and you get to support a growing business. 7. Forever 21- Everyone knows Forever 21, but did you know their online site has thousands more options of clothing that will never go to physical stores? The clothes range from your average jeans and top to bridesmaid dresses, and adorable shoes. Forever 21 online has unlimited options for runway-worthy looks, that's worthy of your paycheck too. 6. Poshmark- If you have been looking for discount designer clothes, you know about Poshmark. It is a website where buyers and sellers come together to connect cheap money with big names. It's a lot like ThredUp, but they get double points thanks to their page dedicated to Louis Vuitton Bags. 5. Century 21- Widely known for its appearance in the opening episode of The Carrie Diaries this big little website will be your saving grace this season. With new trends from the runway coming in every week and a wide selection of casual and couture, you're guaranteed a full shopping cart and a….half full wallet? 4. Google- Google? Yes, Google! All you need to do is type in the description of what you are looking for and it immediately pulls all the search results together for a side by side price comparison of the most reliable and most used websites! Who’d ‘a thunk? 3. Asos- The holy grail of size-inclusive online fashion. No matter what body type you have, odds are your weight fluctuates, and with that, you'll want a reliable website that can offer you any style you crave. With warehouse locations in the U.K. and U.S., you'll always be on top of trends if you stick with this bad boy. 2. Target- If you have been to any target location in the past few years you know that they have seriously stepped up their fashion game. It's a great store to purchase fast fashion and accessories whose shelf life won't last the whole year. 1. Muse Outlet- The absolute ruler of discount designer, the amount of features this website has is UNREAL! You can choose to shop in different sections such as “previously loved”, plus size, or designer, and filter it to your favorite patterns, size, and styles. No more finding pieces you love and having to put it back when it’s not in your size. As if that isn't enough reason to open a new tab immediately, you can choose to either put an item in your cart or make an offer. From there you can offer how much you are willing to pay for an item and they will either accept or decline on the spot. If your offer isn't too ridiculously low, the site will offer you a special price so you can purchase it for an even bigger discount on top of your 80% off! Now keep in mind that this isn't a site composed of individual sellers, it’s one online retail store so you don't have to deal with messy communication with a stranger to try and get a great price. If you do happen to fall in love with a Kate Spade bag and can't muster the courage to hand over your card, don't worry! The site also offers a monthly payment plan, so you can shop to your heart's content! Honorable mentions: Rue La La- Though this website didn't make the list, it did earn a spot on the honorable mentions for easy to use set up and cheap clothes (though not designer) that are definitely worthy of a check out! Boohoo- This website's selection of shoes, plus size clothing, and dresses surpass most other online retailers, but it is based in the UK meaning shipping can get kind of pricey, and take a while to get to you. If you don't have a serious patience issue like me, this just might be the site for you. As always if you liked this post go ahead and share it, and click that cute little heart button.

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