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Fall 2020 Trends You're Going To Need

Updated: Sep 17, 2020



As if you couldn't tell...guess who's back for another season? Yes mam, the old trusty blazer is back and ready for another fall. Blazers dabbled in and out of the fall/winter runway shows last year but now they're here to stay, and in a plethora of different options. You can snag your own in fitted and slouchy silhouettes, plaid, or patterned. You can even get patchwork blazers from Shein for the low price of $29.99 (lucky you!) Personally, I love this trend. I think it's a great way to elevate an outfit, it's super flattering on every body type and basically goes with everything. Ten out of ten for me.

Sweater Vests

Watch out Grandpa, I’m coming for your closet. Because in case you haven't been on, oh I don't know, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or basically on the internet at all sweater vests are everything right now. Over mini skirts, tucked into denim, or six sizes too big with a tiny bralette you just can't run from them. So you know what that means? Run towards them!

Straight Leg Denim

This does not mean there's any way in hell I’ll be donating my trusty mom jeans (and I probably never will.) HOWEVER, you will catch me donating a few pairs of skinny jeans that I have had since 2016 to make room. This trend is classy and chic. I'm honestly in love. Denim is one of those things that will never, ever go out of style. Sure, the silhouette will change every few seasons but well never just stop wearing jeans. Straight Legs are the perfect pair for any fall fit. I'm obsessed with styling them with a black turtleneck, some chic boots, and a cute canvas tote.

White button-down

Speaking of “Oh so chic” closet staples, WHAT could be more classic than the white button-down? I’m convinced this year is the year of elegance. It’s all about natural makeup, radiating confidence, and taking care of yourself, and I could not be more here for it! So catch me grabbing my morning late in a white button-down ~casually~ unbuttoned at the top with some loafers and a pair of cute sunnies. Oh, and some straight leg jeans ;)

Riding boots

Okay before you crucify me, hear me out. Remember those little calf-high black or brown leather boots with no heel every girl in 2014 just had to have? Well, they're back, but this time, they come with style. I remember seeing a few influencers dabble with them last season and thinking to myself “god no, I hope no one but me see’s this” But here we are. It's about to be autumn and they are everywhere… and I kind of like them?? Yes, it's the same basic silhouette, however, a lot of them are now attached to kitten heels, coated in snakeskin, or simply a gorgeous creme color that will make you melt. Designers really gave this boring shoe some flavor and I’m honestly excited to snag my first pair.

Tennis Skirts

To be real, I absolutely did not see this one coming. I mean… it's Nike. How could it possibly be high fashion? But sure enough, through the power of Instagram influencers, and TikTok, tennis skirts have managed to creep its way from your Pinterest feed into every ZARA across the nation. Though I’m not a fan of dropping $80 on athletic wear, I do think some of the spinoff’s brands have come up with are really cute and worth spending your hard-earned dollars on.

Matching Loungewear

It's no doubt that loungewear is having a moment. If COVID has been good for anything it forced us to find a way to look and feel cute while WFM without putting on any actual waistbands. Thankfully brands quickly picked up on that. So here comes fall with hundreds of sweat-sets, mauve biker shorts, and super soft leggings to welcome you into the weather.

So there you have it. The fall staples you are going to be seeing EVERYWHERE this season. Though this really is just the tip of the iceberg, you best believe each of these items will be in my closet in just one short pay cycle!

Forever in your corner,