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7 Activities That Will Drag You From Your Quarantine Funk



It's me.

I'm not entirely sure if I am still sane. With 6 months down in quarantine and no normalcy in sight, I'm starting to lose it.

Every day feels the same.

I wake up. I make eggs. I watch Real Housewives. (Vain of me? Maybe. Necessary? HELL yes.)

Then I sit on the couch until dinner. And this has been my life. Every day for god knows how long exactly. But recently I have noticed a change in the air. The sun seems to be shining a little brighter with just a few short weeks of summer left, and New York rising into the fourth level of re-opening has left a sense of hope dwelling on the city.

So what does that mean for us?

It’s time to get our asses out of hibernation.

This pandemic is far from over. It is my personal belief that you should still be investing in facemasks for every outfit, and sanitizing the second you touch anything. Minimizing your contact with other people, and not being selfish in the sense of going out to eat every day.

However, things (for now) are better. And with this little bit of good news opens the floodgates of “Oh my god I haven't shaved in 3 months” and “When did my roots grow out to my ears?” So I say no matter what happens in the coming months whether that be the second wave or we can get a breath of normal life till Christmas, it's time to get it together.

Here are 7 things we can do to drag ourselves out of that quarantine funk.

Start your day with 2 glasses of water.

I'm starting out super simple here, but this truly is one of the most effective and relaxing ways I start my day. With all the drinking that's been happening in the past six months, we need to remember to hydrate every morning. I don't know about you but I can feel that ice-cold water hit my organs like a life force after a night of drinking. It's so crisp it can boost you the energy to slug over to the coffee machine. Which leads me to number two…

Switch up your coffee routine.

About 3 months into quarantine I was having my Folgers roast every morning as god intended. Until one day, I just… didn't. I had drunk it so often while just sitting on the couch not needing to do anything, the taste went sour. I'm one of those humans that absolutely needs coffee every morning. Seriously, I would 100% believe a doctor if he told me it was now inscribed in my DNA. If I wanted to have a productive day, coffee needed to be involved so what did I do? Switch up the routine. I changed out my half and half for some vanilla creamer and started buying french roast cold brew. The price isn't too different, but having a whole new recipe to spice up the routine is worth every penny.

Do 15 Minutes of Yoga

Everyone who attempted the Chloe Ting Challenge over quarantine raise your hand. Okay now everyone who gave up on the fifth day like me, keep your hand down, cuz I don't wanna talk about it. Physical activity is hard. It's a commitment, it can feel like you're doing it because you aren't good enough, and some people are really self-conscious about it. If you feel like you would be happy and healthier losing some weight go for it! But if it’s just not for you, a fantastic alternative is yoga. Yoga helps me chill before my workday, unwind after a long week, and has crazy good health benefits by getting my blood flowing, and making me stretch. You can use the app MindBody to find free live classes near you and hopefully get some zen.

Pinterest 3 Things You Want For Yourself

I have found one of the biggest forces that have kept me on track of my goals is the inspiration to own it. When I think to myself, “Yeah I’d like to eat healthier.” versus looking at an actual recipe for a delicious salad, or low-fat chicken I’m much more inclined to follow through when looking at the physical thing. Whether you Pinterest three things you want by the end of the week, month, year, or maybe just an outfit you want to try, it can be extremely motivating to take the time to look at exactly what you want and plan to take it. Sort of like manifesting.

Put On A Cute Fit At Least Every Other Day

Trends change every month. You best believe that the cute top you bought in January is due for an upgrade. And if you're not the material girl that's always scouting new things, I guarantee your personal style has shifted a little in quarantine. No matter what portion of fashion we identify with, the truth is, everyone likes new things. It's not to say you shouldn't wear your favorite top, or you trusty mom jeans are “out.” Because truthfully whatever the hell you want to wear is what's in style right now, so put on your favorite pieces (or maybe even order some new ones,) and redefine your style. Fall is coming, and your closet is going to shift along with all the outfits you are currently loving, so get to it, and brush up on your style.

Put $5 Away Every Week

For a lot of people, COVID has been a financial noose. But for some more fortunate people, it's gifted you the time to save money on going out, dropping cash at the salon, and ubering everywhere. So if your bank account has been a little thicker than usual, and you're preparing to drop some of that cash when things start opening, just put five tiny dollars away every week, if you can. No one wants to go from financially secure to broke again. That's a whole other kind of hurt, trust me, I'm fighting that battle every day. But having a little cushion, even if it's just a throw pillow will ease your mind, and keep you on track to staying stable.

Rekindle Your Friendships

I get it. Even in regular life, it can feel hard to keep up with everyone you love. You're talking to the queen of not texting back. I'm just not the type of person to communicate over the phone, and with quarantine, at some points, it felt like even more of a chore to text my friends “hey.” But now is good as a time as ever to foster your relationships and give them a little TLC. Keep it in your daily routine to text a friend every day good morning or ask how their night was. Remember that these people are in your life for a reason and that you need to try your best to hold up your end of the relationship and show them some love. Wouldn't you want to get one of those texts?

So there you have it. Seven ways to pull your lazy ass out of that quarantine funk. I hope these helped, and I really hope we can get a little normalcy soon. Stay safe, stay healthy.

Forever in your corner,