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7 Ways To Feel Fancy AF During Quarantine

Updated: May 20, 2020

1. Take that sweet sweet stipend/ unemployment check right to the bank.

Nothing makes you feel richer and more on top of it than checking your account and seeing four digits. Stick some of that baby in savings and the rest you can use to fulfill this list!

2. Buy yourself some flowers.

Whether you are staying with your parents, stuck out of town, or in your own home, flowers can always brighten up a room. A quick run to the grocery store is all it takes (masks required ofc.,) and plop those serotonin sticks on your bedside table. BOOM. Instantly fancy.

3. Type up a skincare routine, print it, and post it next to your bathroom mirror.

If you don't have a printer, no biggie! Take out some paper and a cute pen and write it out. Taking the time to create a physical list makes you so much more likely to actually follow through with the routine. Try splitting the page in half and doing one for morning and night if they differ, and use a third sheet for every few days when you add in a mask or special serum.

4. Buy a book you're really interested in.

Taking an hour every day to turn off my phone, slink down into my comfy chair, and just read has been incredibly therapeutic during the quarantine. We’re on our phones so much nowadays it’s important to take a second to just breathe. Plus reading a cute book feels WAY more sophisticated than scrolling through TikTok. Not that I don't do plenty of that during my day too.

5. Make yourself some ~Iced~ Coffee. Because we're fancy.

Wake up and spend 20 minutes on your phone, roll around, go back to sleep, whatever you want to do! But when you actually do get out of bed, mosey on over to the kitchen and pour yourself some coffee. Mix in your sugar, and creamer then let it cool in the fridge. When it's chilly enough add some ice, and a straw. Bonus fancy points if you've got a cute mug.

6. Do your makeup.

It doesn't matter if your everyday look is a full beat with glitter lids or just some mascara, and chapstick PUT THE SHITS ON. On the days I don't wear makeup, I get absolutely nothing done, and ultimately just feel like crap. If you're able to combat this feeling without putting an ounce of primer on, I salute you, but it just couldn't be me. So if you're looking to feel a little luxe, throw on some lipstick and start your day!

7. Text someone AND TELL THEM that you love them.

You can own all the fancy stuff in the world but what's the point if your bestie isn't there to tell you, you look ridiculous. You have the time on your hands. Take five minutes to text a friend and let them know what they mean to you. We are all going through some tough stuff right now, so you never know what a simple text could do.

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