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10 Rom-Coms To Get You Through Your Period

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic.

We’ve been stuck in quarantine for what feels like forever.

We haven't seen our friends in god knows how long, so what's the real cherry on top of this metaphorical shit sunday?

We STILL get our period!

How messed up is that? Come rain or shine, pandemic or not we have to work through it every month. But, lucky for you, I have put together an ELITE list of classic Rom-Coms to curl up with a tub of ice cream too, while all your troubles melt away. So get a heating pack. Grab some tea. Nab a Hershey bar (or two) and get ready, because you're about to be glued to your couch for days.

10.) Notting Hill

Any Julia Roberts film is a win for me. She's hilarious, loveable, and always makes the man fall in love with her. Notting Hill is the story of a famous American actress stumbling into the London bookstore of a secretly attractive average Joe. As fate would have it, their encounter soon blows up into a full-on affair, and they spend the movie trying to figure out how to merge their wildly different lives in the name of love. I’ll give this movie bonus points for all the British accents we get to hear.

9.) The Last Holiday

I discovered The Last Holiday in middle school and have been watching it religiously ever since. Follow Queen Latifa on the self-love journey of the century that takes her to Europe after being diagnosed with a tumor, in response to being told she only has a certain amount of time to live. Her long time crush soon finds out she was misdiagnosed and follows her to Europe to tell her. It's cute, funny, and makes you want to drop a couple hundred in the name of self-care.

8.) To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

You might have to be living under a rock to not have already seen this movie after it blew up on Twitter and the whole world suddenly fell in love with Noah Centineo in 2018. The story follows Lara Jean, an adorable and relatable high school girl. She finds herself in a particularly unusual situation after her love letters written to all her crushes accidentally get mailed out. The movie will make you wish you had tried Lara Jean’s coping mechanisms over the years when she ends up in a relationship with the charming boy she loves.

7.)Set It Up

Any movie set in New York City is automatically high on my list. Seeing people fall in love in New York just has a special magic about it, which further elevates the already hilarious plot. Two overworked assistants set each other's bosses up basically so they can get a day off. However, the task proves to be a lot more challenging than just sending a box of chocolates since both bosses are high maintenance pains in the ass. On the journey of setting them up and getting some time off, they find they're falling in love and eventually give in to the playful and competitive relationship you watch grow from the very first scene.

6.) Waiting to Exhale

Not exactly a full-blown comedy, but it is a fantastic movie about four women's friendships with each other and navigating their ever-changing love lives. The movie is peak 90’s fashion and is packed to the brim with strong female leads. A must watch if you're looking for a rom-com featuring relatable female friendships, and some impressive acting chops.

5.) 10 Things I Hate About You

Would it even be a Rom-Com list without this Heath Ledger, Julie Stiles staple? Another movie where every character is clothed in the most "Pinterest-able" 90’s outfit inspiration. Besides number three on the list, this movie will have you doubled over in laughter from start to finish, and make you wish it never ended.

4.) Crazy Rich Asians

The only setting I like in a Rom-Com just as much as New York City, is a really really REALLY expensive one. The houses the movie is filmed in is enough to pique your interest, but if that wasn't enough you have all the designer clothing to look at, every actor is drop-dead gorgeous, and the lead is a strong female that is willing to back down for no mother in law. What more could you ask for?

3.) The Birdcage

Where do I even start with this one? Robin Williams plays a gay nightclub owner, married to a queen played by Nathan Lane. I haven't laughed straight through a romantic movie until I saw The Birdcage. To their disbelief their son comes home engaged to a woman (much to their disappointment) and to shock them even further she's the daughter of a Republican senator. They spend the movie preparing their home in an attempt to hide their real-life to appease the senator and go as far as sending Nathan Lane's character away to pretend to be straight. Of course, he doesn't go down without a fight and the evening proves to be a huge mess.

2.) Pretty Woman

It was hard to only pick two Julia Roberts movies but out of them, all Pretty Woman is the most iconic. Roberts' character, Viv, is plucked from the L.A. streets by a rich businessman and overnight goes from Rags to Riches when she proves to be worth more than a good time. Her child-like spirit in the movie is infectious, and the clothes are to die for what more could you want?

1.) When Harry Met Sally

I watched this movie for the first time last night, and it was so good, it prompted me to write this entire listicle. It checks every box: Set in NYC, incredible 80’s fashion inspiration, begins with both parties not liking each other, and throughout the movie, a lovable and reliable friendship grows eventually blossoming into an even more adorable relationship. Of course, she is way out of his league and he's a bit of an asshole BUT the character growth is undeniable which makes the movie a must-see.

So there you have it, an elite list of Rom-Coms you better get to watching. I know how I’m spending the rest of my week.

Forever in your corner,