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Female-Powered shows you should have binged yesterday

In the midst of being stuffed inside during quarantine, lists are being posted every day. What movies to watch, which T.V. shows you're missing out on, and a million other ways to fill your probably very empty schedule. With a personal Netflix/ Hulu cue of a mile, and countless opinions, here’s my own list of the best Female-driven shows you need to watch right now.

Comedy Drama

The Bold Type (Hulu)

This show is the peak of intersectional feminist fiction and is guaranteed binge-worthy.

If you require some serious laughs or an even more serious cry, this is the show for you. The Bold Type is centered around a healthy friendship between three women working at a fashion magazine in NYC. The show tackles nearly every problem youth face today, with the most genuine and real characters delivering the message. The Bold Type encourages openness, and vulnerability as the core to being a strong woman, and is absolutely not a show to be overlooked.

Period Piece

The Crown (Netflix)

This historical show is centered around Elizabeth II, and her journey beginning in the 40’s to her current reign. Set in a time where the British empire is in a decline, it keeps you enticed with its political rivalries, romances, and personal downfalls.


Victorious (Netflix)

Victorious basically broke the internet when its arrival had been announced on Twitter, so I might be alarmed if you didn't know about this one. If you haven't had the time to take a trip down memory lane, now you do! This is one of the shows that's even more entertaining 10 years later after you finally get all the jokes that flew over your head. So grab some popcorn, sit down and get ready to question your childhood.

Mobster Drama

Dynasty (Netflix)

Speaking of Elizabeth Gillies (first girl crush tbh)(tbh still not over it), Dynasty focuses on the Carrington’s, a wealthy family based in Atlanta, Georgia. The plot centers around each member of the families' need for money and power and the lengths they'll go to get them. It also has some good commentary on classicism, and immigration struggles, while providing plenty of new characters you'll love to hate.


Cheer (Netflix)

Ah, Cheer. The new dance moms, but with a little less crying, and much more screaming. But seriously, the amount of determination, and power these cheerleaders have is inspiring. Possibly even inspiring enough to get you into a pair of real pants.

Based on a True Story

Unorthodox (Netflix)

Unorthodox is a Netflix original about a young woman name Esty, who runs away from her extremely orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, in hopes of breaking free from her arranged marriage and life. Unfortunately, her past soon catches up with her and she's forced to make some tough decisions. The production value of this show is incredible, and the color palette is truly a subtle piece of art. Definitely a show that will be winning some awards in the coming years.

Welp, hopefully this list will get you through the next few weeks and if not, come back every Tuesday and Friday for new posts! Happy watching!

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