• Mac

Is A Side Hustle the New Must-Have Accessory?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I have a question.

New York City moves fast. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw “So fast that you get the Sunday paper on Saturday.” Living in the middle of what seems to be a constant vortex of taxis, skyscrapers, and the latest fashion trends can be absolutely mind-numbing. So my question is,

In a city that never sleeps, how can you know if you're moving fast enough?

Are those Gucci shoes you just dropped your whole ass credit card on too last season? Is this job application something they've seen a million times already? Did you hop on that trend just a ~tad~ too late? With friends from all over the world, colleagues still working on their visas, and hundreds moving in and out of this city every single day, you simply have to find a way to stay relevant. But when do we draw the line? When do we cross over from being trendy, to over productive?

Now on the other hand, how do we know if we are productive enough? Someone is almost always starting a new Youtube channel, creating a blog (I know please don't @ me,) or hell even starting their own small business. It almost seems harder to NOT feel like you're being left behind than to just, go start a new project. So with that being said...

Is a side business the new must-have accessory?

While COVID is still running rampant in America (thanks Trump) it seems it's even more expected of you than ever to have done something creative and innovative with your Coronacation time. But here's the thing: Just because you didn't revolutionize your life goals while being stuck inside for the past six months, does not mean you're a failure. Sometimes just having the energy to get up and make a healthy breakfast is a project in itself, and that’s okay. Don't ever let people make you feel worse because you didn't use your time the way they did. You did exactly what your body needed, and you should be proud of that.

So with that being said, can we just stop the unnecessary comparison of the productivity in this generation? I’m not going to lie, Gen Z is changing the world. Where making work environments less hostile, were making theatre more inclusive, and dismantling the damn government through TikTok. So in the few seconds that we take a break let's remember that not everyone can do what you do, and as a proud member of Gen Z can we please put dismantling productivity culture on our To-Do list?

And to all the badass women out there that did spend some time creating CONGRATULATIONS. Trust me, I know how hard it is to create a brand, and then keep up with it. This may be my third year with this site, but that doesn't make it any easier. Some weeks, the words just don't come. I sit at my desk, look at my page, and then open another tab and online shop. Am I proud of that? Not completely, but at least I don't sit here and say I’m a productivity machine, and my brand is perfect. So if you spend your time doing a little extra work I’m proud of you too.

To wrap it up, we will never have any idea if we're moving fast enough, so the best thing for you to do?

Whatever the hell you want.

Veg out on the couch for a week, or write an essay who cares? As long as you don't bash the person next to you for not matching your energy, do whatever you want, because I promise you're exactly where you need to be right now.

New York City will never slow down, and I’m in love with that, but that does mean I need to take my own time to slow down. If I could say anything about this tiny metropolis, it's that she's resilient, and so are you. So get to work, and take a break, you earned it.

Forever in your corner,