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Wardrobe essentials for every body type

As a stylist, I’ve seen and dressed nearly every body type out there, and as a stylist, I also get asked the same question a lot. “What staple pieces do I need to start my wardrobe?” This is a fantastic question and one of my absolute favorites to talk about. Its also one I find myself asking every season when it’s time to change things up, but there is something I have noticed about most of the information I’ve come across. There are thousands of lists defining wardrobe staples for the “classy woman,” but the “classy woman” is ALWAYS the same size. A plain white tee might be a staple for a girl with a rectangle body type, but not for a girl with an inverted triangle shape. So in this post, I’m going to categorize each body shape and give you some essentials you could use in your wardrobe to make you look, and feel your best. While researching this post I came across an incredibly helpful page that breaks down women's body types, the history of them, and how to find your own. I will be using her terms in this article, so I suggest you run over there real quick to pick out your type and come back!

You can read that article here:

https://www.healthline.com/health/women-body-shapes Disclaimer: This is absolutely not an article to tell you how you should dress. Over the last half-decade as a stylist, these tend to be the pieces each woman feels the most confident in when they leave a meeting. Confidence is what we're aiming for, not stuffing you into a type. So let me go ahead and start by contradicting myself. Before we break it all up, here are eight classic pieces you need no matter who you are. Large Tote bag in a neutral color A perfectly fitted pair of straight leg jeans A signature necklace of your very own Black fitted turtleneck Cropped denim jacket A pair of large classy sunglasses Block heel pumps A neutral watch that will go with every outfit

Now that that's out of the way lets dig into some more specifics


For women with body types that are Rectangular or Athletic For a body type that has generally even measurements up and down, some pieces that tend to flatter you are of the medium-loose fit. Skinny Belt A skinny belt defines the waist while not being too thick so it doesn't swallow your torso because that's not the goal! Peep Toe/ Open Toe Heels Open-toe heels are a little well-known trick in the fashion community. That little bit of skin showing at the body of your body picture helps elongate your legs if you're petite and gives them a fuller look. White Button Down One of the most classic pieces every single list says you need to own, and for this body type, I have to agree. The silhouette never goes out of style and can work with nearly any skirt/pants. Boxy Tee This is a great addition to the relaxed portion of your closet. You can dress it up with a blazer, or french tuck into a pair of sweats for errands, either way, it's a must-have, especially in white. Cashmere Sweater Now for my bargain gals out there no, it does not have to be cashmere. What we're going for here is the silhouette of a cashmere crewneck, not the exact fabric. Silk Slip Dress A silk slip dress is the ultimate Parisian style must-have for any woman's closet. It's classy, it can be layered, and is one of the most gorgeous pieces to own for any occasion. Cigarette Pants These were popularized sometime in the ’50s when women in Hollywood were just getting into pants. Stars like Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn brought them to the big screen, and in turn, to most malls in America. Cropped Jeans Similar to cigarette pants these jeans end above the top of the ankle but have a much more relaxed and easy to style fit about them. Much like the open toe heels, that extra bit of skin at the bottom can help even out a picture.


For women with body types that are Triangle, Hourglass, or Bottom Hourglass If you seem to fall under this body type, you might find your a little more bottom-heavy or equally distribute between top and bottom. Layered Necklace A layered necklace is seeming to become more and more popular right now, but they remain a staple, especially for this body type. The extra layering brings attention to your top portion and can help you to feel more evened out! Saddle Bag One of my personal favorites, and a great piece for any season. The long straps with the focus of the bag being at the bottom can match your body creating a symmetrical and pleasing look if that's what you're looking for. Cap Sleeve Crop Top If you feel you are more bottom-heavy (especially with thinner arms) cap sleeves could be your thing. Cap sleeves stop at the thickest band point in your arms which cuts off your line and draws attention to it. If you have the feeling that you're looking to compensate and fill your upper body, cap sleeves are a great solution. V-Neck Halter Top Another great solution if you are aiming for an hourglass look. The V-neck deepens your top line and draws attention to the lower point off your chest. It accents the shapes built into your body that can make your whole frame pop. Oversized Blazer This particular piece is a spin on one of the most classic items on this list, but with your body type in mind. A fitted blazer is great, but they tend to come in A-line form with the slimmest point being at the top and widening down towards the legs. This is most likely what your body type already looks like. Instead of just adding another layer of skin, try an oversized blazer. This version can be beneficial because the oversized tailoring at the top evens out where you could be heavier on the bottom. Wide Leg Pant These bottoms are fantastic because they cinch the waist at its smallest point and elongate your legs. They're also just super classy and look great for any occasion, and in every color. Flare Pants Similar to the wide leg but a whole lot more 70’s! These are a fun and springy alternative to a work pant, and like the wide leg, works to elongate your figure, and are honestly just a cool thing to have in your closet! Stiletto Heels One of the oldest and most glamorous heels. Carrie Bradshaw couldn't live a day without them so why should you? If you have the gift of thicker thighs, these small heels can bring attention to them while smoothing them out because of their generally pointed toe.


For the women who's body type is Spoon, Top Hourglass, or Inverted Triangle If you ultimately decide that you fit in here, then you may feel your measurements widen towards the top. Dainty necklace A dainty sized necklace brings the focus point of the jewelry to the smallest part of your upper body. These necklaces can range anywhere from a small pendant necklace to even a layered piece of just two thin chains, either way, keep it dainty! Neck Scarf Now I'm not talking about a giant heap of cashmere wrapped around your neck, this is more about the small silk scarves that were popularized in the ’50s. If worn with the wrong pieces like a blazer you could give off flight attendant vibes, so make sure to keep the outfit airy. A light mini dress, or A-line skirt, could complete the look. Long Sleeve Crop This is a personal favorite because if you're like me, you've got some serious upper arm insecurities. I never wear tank tops, or strapless because of it, so a long sleeve crop is the perfect in-between piece for when it gets hot out. It also can slim your arms and pull away attention if you choose one that's off the shoulder or in black. Square Neck A square neck top is the absolute perfect piece for broader shouldered babes. Having such a large cut out on the chest pulls the eye to all the open skin, and slims the surrounding areas. If you choose a square neck top in a darker color that's even better because you're creating a positive and negative space that's pleasing to the eye. Off the Shoulder As stated previously in the long sleeve crop section, off the shoulder does wonders for slimming the upper arms. I used to be terrified of wearing them because I thought it would bring even more unwanted attention to my broad shoulders but it distracted the eye quite nicely by cutting off the shoulders with a sleeve. The effects are sort of like a reverse cap sleeve! Mini Skirts If you fall under this body category you probably feel a lot more of your confidence is in your legs. I know I do! So go ahead and show them off. Mini skirts are a classic piece that women fought to wear in the ’60s, and you don't want to let our founding females down, do you? A-Line Skirts This is a skirt that is fitted at the hips and widens as you go down the silhouette. The length of these skirts range anywhere from mini to maxi and have been renovated to fit fashion trends since mid-century. These could be perfect for you because they cinch at the smallest point of your body and (if it's a mini) go on to accentuate the part you feel most confident in. Sneakers If you have a broader top half and smaller bottom, you could pull off a larger pair of sneakers easy breezy. Adding such a chunky accessory to one of the smaller focal points of your body can do wonders to even it out the picture by having a larger point, smaller point, and finishing larger. Symmetry is everything!


For women with a Round, and Diamond Body Types This could mean you might feel you are a little more middle heavy Headbands Headbands are one of my all-time favorite accessories. A simple black hard band for a more preppy look, or a loose elastic floral printed one for a more chill day, either way, they are one of the easiest ways to elevate an outfit. Baby Doll Dress These types of dresses are becoming extremely popular in fast fashion right now, but that doesn't make them any less classy. It just means they are easier to find for the time being, which is great! Lighter colors can tend to feel more juvenile but if you have the confidence, a brightly colored yellow or green one would be a great way to mix current trends with classy favorites. Long Fitted Blazer Moving to a more professional angle, a long fitted blazer would be a great addition to your closet. Not only is it extremely versatile, but if your body type is somewhere along these lines, a lengthy blazer adds definition to the shoulders and gives you a professional bad bitch vibe which honestly, I think we all could use. Black Cropped Tee We all know black is slimming but did you know crop tops can be too? Similar to an A-line skirt it draws attention to the smallest point of your body and when paired with anything high waisted or fit and flair it gives you a well-deserved confidence boost. High Waisted Going off that train of thought, high waisted pieces could be your new best friend. They're comfy, versatile, and cuts the size of your torso in half while lengthening your legs. They're a win-win! Skater Skirts Skater skirts have far moved on from the clearance rack at Rue21. Now they are one of the comfiest bottom options when choosing an outfit, and one I tend to reach for often. They go with typically any top and look especially cute with off the shoulder or long sleeves. They also pair great with some laid back sneakers, or a cute pair of strappy heels. Mules Mules are one of the classiest styles of shoes that every single girl needs, and no one can change my mind. They can be flats, block heels, even stilettos, and come in every shape and color you could dream! If you were to buy one shoe for forever, this is your girl. Before I go, know that every single one of these items on this list is classic pieces, so if you want to steal one from another category, go ahead! I do it all the time! Now get out there and do some shopping, and as always, if you liked this post go ahead and share it, and click that cute little heart button.